Internal Martial Arts Association for Health and Enlightenment


IMAAHE is an Association of people dedicated to the practice of the Internal Martial Arts and the method of teaching them developed by Grandmaster Sam Tam.

The Association benefits its members in several ways:

  • Regular and continued access to Grandmaster Tam's teachings.
  • First notice of workshops and retreats taught by Grandmaster Tam.
  • Opportunities to be trained personally by Grandmaster Tam in order to become a teacher of the style of Internal Martial Arts as taught by him.
  • Discounted rate on the Namasta membership for tai chi and qi gong teachers.

Mission Statement

  • To promote the philosophy and method of ancient Chinese Internal Arts by imparting knowledge of the practical wisdom of Tai Chi principles.
  • To cultivate and regulate the internal flow of energy (chi) for total equilibrium of body and mind.
  • To expand our knowledge and development through continuous training and improvement.

Contact Us

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